Blog I Like: Watch Croton


            Watch Croton is a news blog that covers news for my hometown of Croton-on-Hudson, NY. Watch Croton provides frequent updates on current affairs in Croton-on-Hudson ranging from snow delays to proposed teacher cuts. What makes Watch Croton a unique blog about Croton-on-Hudson is the fact that it is very easy to navigate and that it is frequently updated unlike the other blogs that cover Croton-on-Hudson Affairs. Watch Croton on its posts about local politics leans towards the Democratic Party unlike its other competitors which lean towards the local Republican Party.


            The Author of this blog according to the bio section of the blog chooses to remain anonymous due to fears of retaliation from a certain segment of the Croton on Hudson population. This segment of the Croton-on-Hudson population once mailed fecal matter to the owner of the now defunct CrotonBlog because CrotonBlog was a frequent critic of the local Republican Party. Besides mailing fecal matter to the owner, the owner’s kids were also bullied in school due to their dad’s involvement in the local political scene.


            Watch Croton is a WordPress blog which is why I choose it for my example, because I would like to learn how I can emulate Watch Croton. I like the way that the blog is organized, not just because of its content but because it is simple to read it. When I’m looking to get updated on local news in my town, it is very easy to read the articles on Watch Croton and to view the comments. I wouldn’t describe the colors on Watch Croton as warm or colorful and that is one area of Watch Croton that I would not like to emulate on my blog. One characteristic of Watch Croton that I would like to emulate on my blog is how it is very easy to navigate the blog on my smartphone. When looking at Watch Croton on my smartphone, I have the option of looking at all stories and choosing which ones to expand to cover the page rather than scrolling through stories that I don’t want to read.

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